Spend less time on your benefits plan and more time growing your business.

We don’t just quote

benefit plans.

We care about the

success of your business

and your employees.



Design a benefit plan to attract and

retain key employees.

Become an employer of choice.

Simple for business owners 


Navigating group benefit plans is overwhelming and confusing. We remove the confusion in dealing direct with insurance carriers by providing you with

on-going customer service and ensuring your plan remains competitively priced and attractive to employees. 


Simple for




We know your HR department is busy, or you may not have one. We train the plan administrator thoroughly on the benefit coverage and provide direct customer service support from our team, saving them calls to insurance carriers. Our commitment is a response within 24 hours.






Your employees are not just a number. We care about the wellbeing of your staff and their ability to understand their benefit plan. We train employees on how to better understand their benefit coverage and provide ongoing communication to you to provide your employees.



At Peak Benefit Solutions, we know that you want to be an industry leader.

In order to do that, you need to attract and retain the best employees.


The problem is the benefits and retirement plan landscape is complicated which

makes you feel frustrated and confused.


We believe you should feel confident your advisor is an expert that knows

what is best for your business.


We understand the investment required to implement benefit and retirement plans

which is why we solely focus on benefits and pension for employers and employees.


We’ve helped over 350+ employers and 10,000+ employees bring clarity

and value to their business.


Here’s how we do it.

1. Meet with your advisor.

2. Design your plan.

3. Attract and retain great employees.

So schedule a call today.

In the meantime, here are 10 things today’s employees really want from employers.




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