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Group Benefits
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Our focus is helping employers, both large and small, optimize their employee benefit plan investment. We design a plan customized for you that offers group health, dental, disability, critical illness and
life insurance solutions.


We work with a wide variety of insurers to offer you a range of solutions best for your individual company. As independent consultants, we use the strong relationships we have built with our carriers to provide you with plan options that best meet the needs for your company. 


At Peak Benefit Solutions, we work with you to design a customized company benefits plan in Canada that meets the needs of your individual company. 


Following our guiding principles of integrity, communication and results, we work collaboratively with you to develop a plan that best matches the goals of your organization. We know each company is different and our process ensures your plan is tailored to your needs.


We place strong value in communicating with both the employees and the employer to ensure they clearly understand the benefits of their program.


We are available to answer questions and commit to providing you with an unparalleled level of service.


Once we fully understand the goals of your company for your plan, we review your current plan and identify if there are any gaps. We provide you with our expertise on how to implement tax saving measures and identify cost saving options. This approach includes working with our suppliers to provide you with tax efficient plan options that maximizes your dollars while meeting employee needs.


Part of our commitment to you is to educate employees on the benefits of their plan and the investment you have made to your workforce. Communication with staff is a core component of the work we provide to you. Through our face-to-face employee orientation sessions to our on-going commitment to provide you with employee communication tools, we provide you with the tools and service to educate your workforce on your investment.


Our plans come with an on-going commitment to you to ensure you are provided with the best possible rates while receiving the best possible service. During the term of your plan, we review with you regularly on plan usage while assessing plan design. We are consistent in our communication to you and ensure you understand usage and renewals while continually assessing the objectives and value of your plan.


We want you to feel confident in your knowledge of the plan and supported if you have any questions. Our ongoing commitment ensures you are provided with continuous support and you and your team are educated on employee benefit plans, updates on taxation and legislation, and access to human resource and ongoing communication tools. We support you as you support your most valuable resource, your people. 


Designed and Managed by Dealers for Dealers


Peak Benefit Solutions is one of the few companies authorized to offer their clients CADA 360, a benefits plan designed and managed specifically by auto dealers for auto dealers.


The Canadian Auto Dealers Association (CADA) provides its members with a group insurance plan designed to meet industry needs. The plan can be customized to suit the unique needs of new car and truck dealers and their employees.  With more than 1,750 participating dealers with $170 million of annual premium, the CADA 360 Employee Benefits is the largest and most robust dealer in Canada.


Advantages of CADA 360 include:

  • Highly competitive rates from their insurer, Canada Life, providing lower and more stable rates for participating dealers.

  • Higher benefit coverage than standard insurance plans, particularly for life and long-term disability insurance;

  • Maximum without evidence of $350,000 for life insurance;

  • Maximum without evidence of $10,000/month for long-term disability.

  • Exclusive to owners who hold 25% or more of dealership shares can maintain their insurance even if they are no longer working for the dealership and can also continue some types of coverage during retirement, including travel insurance.


Peak Benefit Solutions is proud to provide industry-specific knowledge to car and truck dealers across Ontario. Contact us today to have your current plan analyzed and compared with CADA 360.





At Peak Benefit Solutions, we provide a range of group benefit solutions in Canada designed to help businesses provide their employees with high-quality benefits that meet their unique needs. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge in employee benefit plan investment and group health solutions, which allows us to provide tailored services to our clients.

We understand that employee benefits are an essential aspect of any business. Providing a competitive benefits package can help attract and retain talented employees while improving morale and job satisfaction. Our team works closely with our clients to design customized group benefit plans that align with their objectives and meet the needs of their employees.

One of the services we offer is employee benefit plan investment. We understand the importance of managing employee benefit plan investments effectively, and our team can provide guidance on the best investment options available. We help our clients navigate the complex world of investment and ensure they are meeting their financial obligations while providing the best possible benefits to their employees.

Additionally, we offer a range of group health solutions in Canada that can help businesses provide their employees with access to high-quality healthcare. We work with some of the leading insurance providers in Canada to offer a variety of group health plans that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each business.

Overall, Peak Benefit Solutions is a valuable partner for businesses looking to provide their employees with high-quality benefits. Contact us today to learn more about our group benefit solutions in Canada and how we can help you provide your employees with the best possible benefits.

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