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Group Retirement
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We design individual and customized plans to help you with your group retirement savings programs.
Our unparalleled knowledge and guidance provide you with the best options to maximize your retirement plan investment while ensuring maximum value. Our advice will help you with all aspects of your plan including administrative training, educating plan members and finalizing payroll requirements. Our goal is to make your plan rewarding for both your company and your employees.


At Peak Benefit Solutions, we always work with you to ensure your well-planned retirement policy includes a group savings plan for your employees. Our approach is to ensure you have the education and knowledge to select the proper plan for your company.


There are several group retirement plans that offer companies and their employees the flexibility, service and performance they need to attract and retain employees. Our industry leading advisors provide you with the education needed to choose the best option including:


A Group RRSP Plan is an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan that is administered on a group basis by the employer. 


Contributions are made by payroll deduction and are often matched by the employer (typically to a maximum of 3-5% of earnings).


It is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and allows employees to save for their retirement on a tax-sheltered basis. 


A Defined Benefit Pension Plan is a pension plan that guarantees employees a specific monthly benefit at retirement.


The amount of the benefit is known to employees in advance and is usually based on factors such as age, earnings and years of service.


The employer is obligated to make contributions necessary to fund the promised benefit. 


Under a Defined Contribution Pension Plan, the contributions of employees and employers are invested towards the funding of retirement income.


Typically, the contribution going into the plan is known while the final benefit is not guaranteed. The contribution made by the employer is tax deductible, but they are not a taxable benefit to the employee.


Investment options for this plan are extensive and typically include guaranteed investment funds, Canadian bond funds, Canadian balanced funds, Canadian equity funds, international and/or global equity funds and segregated funds.


A Deferred Profit Sharing Plan is like a Defined Contribution Pension Plan where the employer distributes a portion of pre-tax profits to selected employees. This pension amount is not known in advance and is determined by the amount of contributions, investment returns and annuity, and interest rates at the employee’s retirement.


Unlike the Defined Contribution Plan, employees cannot make contributions and their employers contribution is dependent on company profits. The contribution made by the employer is tax deductible, but they are not a taxable benefit to the employee.


Investment options are like the options under the Defined Contribution Pension Plan and typically include guaranteed investment funds, Canadian bond funds, Canadian balanced funds, Canadian equity funds, international and/or global equity funds and segregated funds.


A Group Tax Free Savings Account offers employees a tax-free investment option to help grow their savings with no tax on withdrawals.


Employees can use it for retirement savings, but also for big expenses like a new vehicle, vacations or home improvements.


There is no requirement for an employer to contribute to the plan, but deductions can be taken from employee payroll.


At Peak Benefit Solutions, we work with you to design a customized retirement savings plan that best meets the needs of your individual company. 


Following our guiding principles of integrity, communication and results, we work collaboratively with you to develop a plan that best matches the goals of your organization. We know each company is different and our process ensures your plan is tailored to your needs.

We place strong value in communicating with both the employees and the employer to ensure they clearly understand the benefits of their program.


We are available to answer questions and commit to providing you with an unparalleled level of service.


Following an implementation plan led by us, educating and communicating to employees is the core component of the work we do. Through our face-to-face employee orientation sessions to our ongoing commitment to provide you with employee communication tools, we provide you with the tools and service to educate your workforce on your investment.


During the term of your plan, we review with you regularly on plan usage while assessing plan design. We are consistent in our communication to you and ensure you understand usage and renewals while continually assessing the objectives and value of your plan.

We want you to feel confident in your knowledge of the plan and supported if you have any questions.


Our ongoing commitment to you ensures you are provided with continuous support to ensure you and your team are educated on employee benefit plans, updates on taxation and legislation, and access to both human resource and

ongoing communication tools.  




At Peak Benefit Solutions, we understand the importance of helping businesses provide their employees with retirement plans that support their financial well-being. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge in group retirement saving plans and retirement plan investment in Canada. We offer a range of retirement plan solutions that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each business.

One of the services we offer is group retirement saving plans. Our team can help businesses design and implement retirement savings plans that are both cost-effective and attractive to employees. We work with some of the leading retirement plan providers in Canada to offer a range of plans that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business.

We also provide guidance on retirement plan investment in Canada. Our team can help businesses navigate the complex world of investment and ensure they are making the best possible investment decisions for their retirement plans. We understand the importance of managing retirement plan investments effectively and are committed to helping businesses achieve their financial objectives.

Overall, Peak Benefit Solutions is a valuable partner for businesses looking to provide their employees with comprehensive retirement plans. Contact us today to learn more about our group retirement saving plan and retirement plan investment services in Canada and how we can help you support your employees' financial well-being.

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