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Off the Clock: The Power Vacation and Wellness Time Plays in Productivity


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In today's fast-paced world, where demands seem never-ending, recognizing the immense value of vacation and wellness time as platforms for improved productivity and well-being is crucial. As we navigate the delicate balance between our professional and personal lives, understanding how to effectively leverage employee benefit packages becomes essential. Let’s explore some opportunities for utilizing vacation and wellness time, maximizing the benefits offered by employers, while ultimately increasing our own productivity.

Vacation Transformation:

Vacations should not be viewed as merely an escape from work; they should be adopted as an opportunity for rejuvenation and rest. Studies have shown that employees who take regular vacations experience reduced stress levels, increased creativity, and improved mental well-being. Astonishingly, research indicates that taking vacation time can result in a 31% increase in productivity upon returning to work.

We’ve all seen scenarios where staff are ‘too busy’ to take vacation and companies allow them to roll full vacation time into the following year. This practise can have many negative side effects with productivity, burn out being one and too much time away from the office in one year for a staff member impacting outcomes being another. More on that in another blog!

Embracing the statistic above, it becomes clear that utilizing vacation time effectively is a key driver of long-term wellness and success in the workplace.

Nurturing Body and Mind:

Wellness time is a vital component of employee benefit packages that often goes under-utilized. By actively incorporating wellness practices into our daily lives, we can enhance our overall well-being and productivity. We have found the highest level of regular engagement in our Wellness Wednesday series is our own team!

Statistics highlight that employees who engage in regular wellness activities, such as exercise, meditation, or hobbies, experience a 20% increase in job satisfaction and a 15% improvement in work performance. By prioritizing wellness time, employees can recharge their energy, enhance focus, and unlock their full potential.

Accessing Employee Benefit Packages:

Self care is an important piece of the puzzle and to truly harness the power of wellness, it is essential to optimize the employee benefits provided by organizations and tap into your vacation time. Here are some best practices for maximizing these benefits:

1. Understand the Available Resources: Take the time to fully comprehend the range of benefits offered by your employer. This includes wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, mental health support, and paid time off policies. Not all plans are the same, so getting a full understanding of your package will enhance your experience.

2. Embrace Wellness Programs: Engage with the wellness programs provided by your employer, such as fitness classes, mindfulness workshops, or counseling services. These programs not only support your personal well-being but also create a culture of holistic health within the workplace.

3. Plan and Communicate: Effectively plan your vacation time and communicate it with your team well in advance. By setting clear boundaries and expectations, you can ensure a smooth workflow and minimize any disruptions. If you are in a leadership position, it is essential that you ‘walk the walk’. If you ask your team to disconnect from email or other communications, you should as well.

The utilization of vacation and wellness time, coupled with a better understanding of your employee benefit packages, holds the key to unlocking well-being and productivity in the workplace. By embracing the transformative power of vacations, nurturing wellness practices, and making the most of the benefits provided by employers, staff can create a harmonious work-life balance that supports self-care, protects from burn out and fuels professional success.

Remember, taking care of your well-being and utilizing your employee benefits effectively is an investment in your long-term productivity, happiness, and fulfillment. Rest is essential for productivity. Embrace the power of vacation and wellness time, and let it propel you towards a more vibrant and purposeful life.

Reference: Statistics provided are based on research conducted by the Workforce Institute, 2022-2023.

Chris Zelasko
Chris Zelasko
Executive President

Peak Benefit Solutions

Chris Zelasko, CEBS (Certified Employee Benefits Specialist), CHS (Certified Health Specialist) brings close to 20 years experience with him in the benefits and insurance industry to the Peak Benefit team. He provides an individualized focus to each client he meets with and ensures all plans are designed to provide competitive options that achieve the company’s goals. His approach is to ensure his clients develop and understand their benefit plan objectives and provides them with sound advice in determining options that best meet their needs. Chris’s advice is based on thorough knowledge of the insurance and benefits industry where he is a recognized leader for his solid guidance and superior customer service.

Chris lives in the Clarington with his wife and 2 boys. He is a member of the Bowmanville Rotary Club, Clarington Board of Trade, the Durham Chapter of Advocis and the Darlington Soccer Club.

Peak Benefit Solutions Inc. was established in 2008 and have helped more than 400 clients from entrepreneurs, manufacturing, professional services and public organizations with their comprehensive benefits planning. Every step of the way, we are with you.



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