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Human Resource Consulting
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Peak Benefit Solutions offers Human Resource services through our partners at Savino Human Resources (SHRP). Our teams work together to provide world-class HR solutions to a diverse group of clients including small-to-medium sized businesses, municipalities, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and professional services companies.


SHRP’s proprietary “HRLive” system allows you to host, automate and manage all of your HR content and processes seamlessly. This web-based platform is part of a fully managed Human Resources program to help employers organize and automate employee file information, compliance requirements, documentation, workflow, policies, performance appraisals and other HR processes. HRLive is designed to be a highly intuitive and workable technology to implement, manage and build-out your HR structure. Backed by SHRP’s Consulting team and high-quality HR content, they also provide fully managed HR solutions that will leapfrog you organizationally to the most current, best practice from an HR perspective. HRLive is a turnkey solution that includes options for scheduling, timekeeping and full payroll integration.

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Complete HR Solutions

SHRP will work with your management group to improve their ability and confidence when it comes to having effective performance discussions with staff.   They create innovative development strategies with your input to

re-position your performance appraisal system so it creates positive engagement.  If you don’t have a performance development system yet, they will develop a program with you from the ground up to help you bring out the very best in your employees.

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Performance Development

SHRP will thoroughly review your existing policies to provide you with a report which identifies any gaps in your current programs together with a proven plan to upgrade your policies to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements and best practices. SHRP will also incorporate any existing policies you have in place now, making recommendations for improvement or revision where advisable. If you don’t already have a manual, they can implement programs that will ensure all of your employee and organizational requirements are addressed. In addition to providing you with a policy framework, they also offer convenient online training to ensure your staff are fully informed concerning policies and procedures in your workplace that are required by law.

Policy Manual

Ensuring your compensation programs recognize and reward the results you are aiming for is critical.  SHRP starts from this premise when they analyze your existing

comp-programs. SHRP carefully classifies and evaluates each position on your team through the use of a proven, objective compensation system to properly measure, score and value each job.  Salary ranges (salary bands) will be established for each position.  They also furnish you with a customized job evaluation policy to document the process and to use as a reference tool to evaluate any future positions. At your option, they can work with your financial and benefit plan partners to develop incentive plans aligned with your organizational, financial or other strategic goals, and benchmark all of your compensation plans against the market.

Analysing Data
Compensation Plan

In addition to their renowned performance development training which improves your ability to provide staff with feedback and set performance goals, SHRP features a Total Compliance Package (TCP) for employers. This training package was specifically designed for small to medium-size businesses and organizations looking to ensure they are meeting all government compliance requirements for staff training.  This includes Workplace Violence Prevention, Workplace Harassment Prevention (Bill 168), Accessibility (AODA) requirements, and WHMIS. The TCP training package includes continuously updated content, tracking of employee completion and scored quizzes to validate training.

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Compliance Training

There are an increasing number of requirements to ensure employers remain in compliance with best practices and government mandates. They can review your files to ensure they meet compliance standards and can provide you with 'new hire checklists' and similar precedents for reference. On an on-going or project basis, they can also provide you with timely advice and documentation for a number of employee relations issues (a few examples include):

  • New Employee Offers & Employment Agreements

  • Promotions

  • Coaching / Development Planning

  • Performance Improvement Plans

  • Written Warnings

  • Discipline Letters

  • Employee Exit Interviews


Employment Agreemen

SHRP provides complete workforce and job analysis for all positions in your organization.  This includes a review of any existing job descriptions (if available) and a comparison of this information with individual job and task execution.  Their unique process uses a number of survey, interview and verification techniques to ensure that they capture highly accurate and relevant data before using this information and their own benchmark data to create accurate, concise job descriptions for your staff. From this, they can propose an optimal organizational structure, making comparisons to your existing hierarchy.  If you don’t currently have job descriptions, SHRP can create and tailor these for your organization. 

Business Meeting

SHRP will confidentially survey all employees to collect feedback on key areas of organizational effectiveness and provide detailed reporting of results to inform the direction of organizational planning in your business. Through their proven survey strategies, they independently target employee concerns to better engage and manage your team.   They can also

follow-up with those who have left (or are about to), to identify issues that may not otherwise come forward.


Engagement Survey
Job Evaluations

While SHRP specializes in developing and promoting employee potential, they also understand that a healthy workplace also requires difficult conversations when things go wrong. If you have an employee experiencing performance challenges and you've exhausted all coaching opportunities, they can support feedback strategies to bring about improvement through formal warnings, corrective action and performance improvement plans ("PIPs") to formally document performance and bring about improvement. Whether it’s a simple absenteeism problem or a complex misconduct issue, SHRP can help you identify the right tools and strategies to support correction and return to success.

In a Meeting

Corrective Action

Whether you are a small business, a municipality/government organization or a

multiple-location corporation, SHRP provides

high-quality executive search as well as direct recruiting services to suit your needs.  Through our extensive talent network, they stay connected to the best candidates in a diverse range of professional, administrative, sales, technical and management disciplines. All of our recruiting packages include extensive candidate screening, interviews, reference and background checks. They can also negotiate final terms and conditions of employment and draft an employment agreement, if needed. 

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Staff Recruitment


Communication is essential to success. SHRP improves communication opportunities and engagement in your organization through innovative training programs and their turnkey employee newsletter services that allow you to deliver personal messaging to your staff without the heavy-lifting. If you have a difficult issue or program to communicate to your staff, they help you find the most effective way to deliver your message. They also develop tailored recognition programs that will inspire your staff and compliment your core compensation and rewards programs.

Reading Glasses

Buying or selling a business?  SHRP works with your ownership team to integrate our due diligence review with legal and accounting expertise to ensure that you understand and fully account for the impact of any employment obligations and liabilities, whether as a vendor or a purchaser. They also set up a structure for your new organization to lay the groundwork for future success and seamless employee engagement.

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Due Diligence




At Peak Benefit Solutions, we understand that effective human resource management is crucial to the success of any business. That's why we offer human resource consulting services in Canada to help businesses streamline their HR processes and improve their overall performance.

Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge in human resource services in Canada. We work with businesses of all sizes to provide tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. From recruitment and retention strategies to performance management and compliance, we can help businesses navigate the complex world of HR and develop effective solutions that align with their goals.

We also offer support in employee engagement and development. Our team can help businesses create an engaging work environment that fosters professional growth and development. This can lead to improved employee morale, productivity, and ultimately, better business outcomes.

Overall, Peak Benefit Solutions is a valuable partner for businesses looking to optimize their HR processes and achieve their strategic objectives. Contact us today to learn more about our human resource consulting services in Canada and how we can help your business succeed.

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